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  1. Nefediev PS, Farzalieva GSh, Tuf IH, Nedoev KhKh, Niyazov ST. 2018. Millipede and centipede assemblages on the northern and southern slopes of the lowland Altais, southwestern Siberia, Russia (Diplopoda, Chilopoda). ZooKeys 741: 219–254. * URL
  2. Kubín M, Rulík M, Lusk S, Závorka L. 2018. Habitat degradation and trout stocking can reinforce the impact of flash floods on headwater specialist Alpine bullhead Cottus poecilopus – A case study from the Carpathian Mountains. J Appl Ichthyol. In print. * URL
  3. Langerwisch F, Václavík T, von Bloh W, Vetter T, Thonicke K. 2018. Combined effects of climate and land-use change on the provision of ecosystem services in rice agro-ecosystems. Environmental Research Letters 13(1): 015003. * Q1 URL
  4. Tuf IH, Mock A, Dvořák L. 2018. An alien species spreads through Europe: Tygarrup javanicus (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha: Mecistocephalidae) is reported from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 23: 560–562. * URL
  5. Petrová I, Petriláková M, Losík J, Gouveia A, Damugi IED, Tkadlec E. 2018. Density-related pattern of variation in body growth, body size and annual productivity in the common hamster. Mammalian Biology 91: 34–40. * URL
  6. Ziv G, Hassall C, Bartkowski B, Cord AF, Kaim A, Kalamandeen M, Landaverde-González P, Melo JLB, Seppelt R, Shannon C, Václavík T, Zoderer BM, Beckmann M. 2018. A bird’s eye view over ecosystem services in Natura 2000 sites across Europe. Ecosystem Services 30: 287–298. * Q1 URL