Preconference tours

They are not included in conference fee. Currently being finalized, to be publicized during May.


Preconference tour I - Hungary

The excursion will be arranged in an area close to the Austrian-Slovakian-Hungarian border in Sopron.

Altogether, 5 soil profiles will be visited during the tour:

9.9. 2017

  1. Salt-affected soils in Fertő-Hanság National Park: Solonchaks
  2. Water-affected soils: Histosols
  3. Lithomorphic soils: Leptosols
  4. Diversity of Sopron – Effect of grazing: Cambisols
    Dinner with wine tasting at Taschner Wine House

    10.9.2017 - Effects of forestation

  5. Visit of Sopron Mountains – water investigations (research?) in Hidegvíz-valley and forest soils: Luvisols
    Lunch (and journey to Bratislava by bus)
    Accommodation: Hotel Lővér –, Hotel Szieszta -

More detailed information could be found here.

Contacts: Prof. Dr. András Bidló ( and Dr. Adrienn Horváth (



Preconference tour II: Soil in reclaimed and industrial regions in southern Poland

Field trip to the area of Upper Silesia and Krakow to visit

9.9. 2017

  1. Issues of forest reclamation and forest management on reclaimed lands (opencast mining, forest management in the areas transferred to the State Forests Administration) Site inspection at the vantage point in the area of the Chrzanów Forest Inspectorate
  2. Lunch (forest nursery facilities)
    and Study visit to a forest nursery – Issues of seedling production, with particular regard to forested lands under industry pressure, as well as troublesome areas (post-fire areas) – conducted by employees of the State Forests Administration
  3. Arrival to the Olkusz Forest Inspectorate, Pomorzany Forest District; an area strongly influenced by an industrial object causing nuisance to the environment – Post-floatation sedimentation ponds of the Mining and Smelting Plant “Bolesław” in Bukowno (issues of heavy metal contamination)
  4. Visit of the Old Town of Kraków (with a guide)


  1. Kraków - Visit in Soil Education Centre – Museum of Soils / Coffee break
  2. Kraków - Reclamation of industrial wastes after soda production – spoil heaps of the abandoned Solvay chemical plant
  3. Lunch 

More detailed information could be found here.

In order to arrange more details, please contact Prof. Marcin Pietrzykowski