Beskydy Mountains

  1. Wallachian Open Air Museum (
  2. Lunch – Agricultural school Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
  3. CzechGlobe – Experimental Ecological Station Bílý Kříž, Beskydy Mountains (
    • Forest soils: Podzol, Entic Podzol, Cambisol (resp. MENDELU)
  4. Brewery – dinner, tasting

 Excursion - Beskydy

South Moravia

  1. Research base of the Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation ( in Hustopeče and Starovice (resp. doc. J. Podhrázská, prof. M. Dumbrovský)
    • Erosion processes in South Moravia and anti-erosion measures
    • Soil profile – Chernozems incl. degradation forms
  2. Lunch - Faculty of Horticulture Mendel University, Lednice (
  3. Floodplain forest near Lednice, Research activities in floodplain forest,
    • Soil profile Fluvisol (Prof. A. Prax et al.
  4. Valtice, dinner, short wine tasting

Excursion - South Moravia