Preliminary programme


11. 9. 2017

10:00 - 12:00 - Opening, introductions,

Four invited lectures:

Blum, W. E. H.:  Threats to soil and landscapes – General development and future scenarios, a worldwide perspective

Horn, R.: Effect of land use management systems on coupled hydraulic mechanical soil processes 

Kosaki, T.: Revitalisation of degraded soils: A challenge in International Decade of Soils (IDS) for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Montanarella, L.: Soil Protection in Europe and in the World: Status and future perspectives

12.30 - 13.30 – Lunch

13.30 - 15.00 - Program block: Degradation causes and consequences

Penížek et al.: Morphology and characteristics of colluvial soils in different soil regions

Gracheva et al.: Convergence and divergence of soil properties of abandoned agricultural landscapes, North Caucasus

Krishnapillai et al.: Soil management under a changing climate in the dry zones of India

Weber et al.: Changes in properties and morphology of Podzols in the vicinity of the fly-ash dumping site of the electric power plant

Vojvodíková et al.: Use brownfield sites as protection of soil – examples of possibility for Application environmental economy

Hofman et al.: Residues of atrazine and simazine in arable soils from the Czech Republic

Kodešová et al.: Pharmaceuticals dissipation in soil-water-plant system

15.00 - 15.30 Break

15.30 - 16.30 – Program block: Degradation monitoring and assessment (Part I.)

Kobza et al.: Soil degradation processes in conditions of Slovakia

Badulescu et al.: Remote sensing and GIS-based modelling of C factor for soil erosion using NDVI and SAVI in subcarphatian mountain area

Sobocká et al.: Specific position of technogenic soils in the MSCS 2014 and relation to the WRB 2014

Kabala et al.: Soil quality monitoring in Poland: system organization and recent results

16.30 - 18.00 - Commented poster section

From 19.00 -  Social evening


12. 9. 2017

9.00 - 10.15 - Program block: Degradation monitoring and assessment (Part II.)

Kavian et al.: Field study of runoff and sediment yield control by vegetative buffer strips

Barančíková et al.: Soil organic carbon concentration on selected peatlands in Slovakia

Saracanlao et al.: Soil Carbon Balance at Various Landscape Positions in Dedelow, Northeastern Germany

Šarapatka et al.: The Effect of Water Erosion on Selected Chemical and Biochemical Properties of Chernozem Soils on Various Parts of Slope

Poláková et al.: The active substances of the Plant protection products in the soil samples originated from Basal Soil Monitoring System

10.15 - 10.45 – Break

10.45 - 12.00 - Program block: Degradation monitoring and assessment (Part III.)

Borůvka et al.: Digital mapping of potentially toxic element contents in forest soils: importance of the principal stand factors as predictors

Łukasik et al.: Soil magnetic susceptibility as an effect of concentration of natural and anthropogenic iron minerals in soil: Assessment of background value for forest topsoil on Polish Lowlands and Uplands

Rachwal et al.: Magnetic signature of heavy metal contamination of urban soils influenced by different kinds of industry

Ryżak et al.: The noise of the soil splash

Sakizadeh et al.: Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Cadmium in Central Part of Iran

Nagy et al.: Modeling of soil moisture dynamics in the multilayered Entisols under drought case study at Drava valley

Singh et al.: Restoration Potential of Bamboo plantations under rehabilitated coal mine spoil in a dry tropical region of India: An implication for Ecological Restoration

12.00 - 13.00 - Lunch

13.00 - 13.30 - Invited lecture:

Havlicek, E.: European Soil Partnership and EUROSOIL 2020: towards bridging the gap between science and policy

13.30 - 14.30 - The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic  - Randusová et al.: Web application of the Land Usage Limits

14.30 - 15.00 - Break

15.00 - 16.30 - Program block: Revitalisation measures

Glina et al.: The effect of 5-years peatland restoration on soil and vegetation cover – case study from central Sudetes

Zakharchenko et al.: Impact of different tillage practices and green manure on physical properties of chernozem soil

Tóth et al.: Long-term effect of the reclamation of solonetz soils

Kozák et al.: Restoration and development of soil cover on dumpsites

Biro et al.: Combination of soil and foliar bioeffective treatments improve growth and fruit quality of tomato (var. Mobil) in organic agriculture

16.30 - 17.30 - Discussion


13. 9. 2017

Excursions – there is roughly the same number of participants on both routes.



Section 1: Degradation causes and consequences

  1. Janderkova et al.: An integrated approach to landslide and surface erosion mapping
  2. Novák et al.: Estimation of soil naturalness grade and their changes between 1784 and 2010 in Tokaj Nagy-Hill based on soil and land cover databases
  3. Zaleski et al.: Geotechnical deformation of soil cover as a cause of trees’ decay
  4. Gus et al.: Evolution of sandy soils as a result of human activities – a case study from the Błędów Desert
  5. Barna et al.: Methodological experiences of aggregate stability measurements
  6. Kanianska et al.: Soil compaction and its impact on selected classes of soil arthropods contributing to ecosystem services
  7. Tobiašová et al.: Parameters of soil structure in relation to main factors that influence it
  8. Stolarczyk et al.: Organic matter transformation in mountain peatland soils under influence of human activities - an example of Upper San river valley (Western Bieszczady Mts.)
  9. Jeřábková et al.: Potential mobility of chromium in soils: Comparison of anthropogenically polluted and naturally enriched sites
  10. Petrů et al.: Effective soil management practices: tackling organic matter and nutrient loss
  11. Fér et al.: Behavior and transport of four pharmaceuticals in the undisturbed soil columns
  12. Klement et al.: Sorption of ionizable pharmaceuticals in different soil types
  13. Nikodem et al.: Discharge and root uptake of pharmaceuticals from sewage sludge applied in soils
  14. Schmidtová et al.: Sorption of three pharmaceuticals in aggregate interiors and their coatings


Section 2: Degradation monitoring and assessment.

  1. Ilavská et al.: Upgrading of the soil units system in agricultural land of Slovakia in the context of the identification of soil degradation
  2. Žigová et al.: Conditions of soil cover on Permo-Carboniferous rocks in the Český Brod area 45 years after afforestation
  3. Juhos et al.: Assessment of infiltration and soil erosion after 12 years of conservation tillage in Hungary
  4. Koliada et al.: The use of Digital Relief Model (DRM) to assess the potential water erosion hazard
  5. Hegyi et al.: Changes in extent and topography of vineyards and estimation of its influence on historic soil loss in Eger Wine Region using GIS methods
  6. Kohoutová et al.: Degradation monitoring and assessment - Main Soil Unit 08
  7. Kučera et al.: Optimization of methods for the assessment of vulnerability to wind erosion and proposals of protective measures in intensively exploited agricultural countryside
  8. Sedmidubský et al.: Evaluated soil-ecological units and their significance for soil and landscape
  9. Sobocký et al.: Data collection and methodology design for drought prediction in Zahorska lowland
  10. Homolák et al.: Investigation and remediation of contaminated sites by means of geophysical methods
  11. Bieganowski et al.: GHG mapping over cultivated fields in ground and aerial measurements - project assumption
  12. Kapička et al.: Magnetism of soils applied for estimation of erosion at an agricultural land
  13. Gömöryová et al.: The effect of post disturbance management on soil microorganisms at the windthrow plots in Tatra Mts. (Slovakia)
  14. Pospisilova et al.: Effect of liming onto soil biological parameters
  15. Aliasgharzad Salmani et al.: The contribution of glomalin produced by Rhizophagus irregularis to stabilize lead (Pb) in soil and sunflower roots
  16. Garcia-Gil et al.: Effects of warming and altering drought-precipitation events on the biogechemical mechanisms that rule C cycling in agricultural soils amended with biochar
  17. Józefowska et al.: The effects of tree species and substrate on biological soil properties and carbon sequestration in reforested post-mining soils
  18. Koco et al.: Detailed analysis of land cover changes as a factor of soil organic carbon storage dynamic in arable land
  19. Kotroczó et al.: The effect of organic matter manipulation on soil humus carbon content (Síkfőkút, Hungary)
  20. Pavlenda et al.: Soil organic carbon stock change at the forest-grassland border zone
  21. Vašíčková et al.: The impact of flood event in the year 2013 on the contamination of the agricultural soils
  22. Borůvka et al.: Effect of logging residues processing and mechanical soil preparation on the content of selected elements in a forest soil as measured by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
  23. Oustan et al.: Impact of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS) on soil health deterioration
  24. Prášková et al.: Available Microelements in Agricultural Soils in the Czech Republic
  25. Magiera et al.: Application of magnetic susceptibility as an indicator of physical and chemical degradation caused by dust deposition


Section 3: Revitalisation measures

  1. Konečná et al.: Evaluation of ecological effects of land consolidations
  2. Antal et al.: Dimensioning of contour and riparian buffer strips
  3. Jafarian et al.: The Efficiency of Vegetative Buffer Strips in Water Pollutants Control
  4. Houšková et al.: Ecological farming - one of the methods to achieve zero soil degradation
  5. Jafarzadeh et al.: The role of forest type on soil evolution and revitalization in Arasbaran region
  6. Fiala et al.: Degradation of forest soil in the Český les Mts
  7. Kulhavý et al.: Impact of the revitalized network of channels on the dynamics of groundwater in the floodplain forest
  8. Kavian et al.: Soil erosion mitigation with native wood strand mulches
  9. Prax et al.: Impact of the revitalized network of channels on the dynamics of groundwater in the floodplain forest
  10. Kwasowski et al.: Properties of technogenic soils (Technosols) developed from ashes from lignite-fired „Bełchatów” thermal power station, Poland
  11. Gere et al.: The effect of tree species on physico-chemical and biological soil properties
  12. Hanajík et al.: Soil dehydrogenase activity at windthrow area with secondary succession
  13. Kocsis et al.: Biofertilizer inoculation improve biochar effect on sandy soil with maize
  14. Fehér et al.: Effect of sewage sludge compost extract on the lupine-Rhizobium symbiosis
  15. Bielská et al.: Sorption and (bio)availability of DDE in soils amended with biochar
  16. Kardos et al.: Comparative evaluation of communal sewage sludge in pilot scale and industrial scale based on vermicomposting
  17. Malić et al.: Dynamics of Chemical Properties in the Mine Technogenic Soil in Five Years Reclamation
  18. Polláková et al.: Changes of soil organic matter in land transformed from arable to forest
  19. Škulcová et al.: Risk assessment of biochar: a novel soil amendment and remediation tool
  20. Uzarowicz et al.: Properties of technogenic soils (Technosols) developed from ashes from lignite-fired „Bełchatów” thermal power station, Poland
  21. Fiala et al.: The assessing of nutritional and hygienic status of some grazing areas of the Mohelno Serpentine Steppe - Preliminary results