The EUROPARC Federation(,

Europarc is an organization that associates important protected areas in Europe. It unites members from 38 European countries. Not only administrations of large-scale protected areas and government authorities, e.g. Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the CR, but also research and educational institutions belong among its members. The EUROPARC’s major goal is to protect Europe’s unique species and habitat diversity and typical landscape character.

was founded in 1973 under the official title "Federation of Nature and National Parks of Europe", and has since become a recognised, professional NGO for nature conservation. It brings together organizations responsible for management of over 400 protected areas and serves as a network of people, whose daily task is to take care of these special areas.

The key aims of the EUROPARC Federation are:

  • To promote good practice in the management of protected areas
  • To facilitate the establishment of new protected areas
  • To highlight the importnace of protected areas as vital means of safeguarding many of the continent's most valuable natural heritage assets, and thereby to increase support for their protection
  • To influence the development of public policies and programs, especially within the EU, to increase the interest in nature conservation.

The EUROPARC Federation
realizes its aims through a range of practical activities and initiatives which can be explored on EUROPARC‘s web-site. In doing so, it draws on the vast knowledge and experience within its membership, which is shared and applied to benefit both individual protected areas and their European network as a whole.

Why we become members of the EUROPARC Federation:

  • Possibility to be involved in preparation of conceptual documents and research in nature conservation at European level
  • Access to latest documents, publications, and information on current trends in Europe’s nature conservation
  • Collaboration with administrations of over 400 Europe’s protected areas and with other members, including a range of universities with study programs similar to the ones offered at our Department
  • Possibility to be involved in projects, exchange programs, and activities in protected areas all around Europe (especially for students) – watch for news on Department’s bulletin boards and web site.

Last activity:

Conference Europarc 2007 - Český Krumlov (česká verze, english version), version in PDF czech, PDF english.


Take part in the international Youth Summit Go 4 Biodiv – A forum for the concerns of young people!

EUROPARC Federation Elections to Council 2008 - Roles and responsibilities for the Council and President

Appointment of new EUROPARC Director (Monday, April 14, 2008 11:39 AM)



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