Study Abroad

International Liaison Office – UP Olomouc  
House of International Liaisons - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Free Movers
Action (Österreich) 
Fulbright Commission

Erasmus for Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Sheffield Hallam University 
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala   

Student’s experience from studies abroad

Bc. Jan Husek – experience from Uppsala 2006

EUROPARC Federation

Working for nature  - Website User Guide  

Internship Offers (professional experience, teaching experience)

Administrations of Protected Landscape Areas and National Parks

Rescue Station for Handicapped Animals



Collaborating Secondary Schools (possibility of teaching experience)

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm 
Nový Jičín 
Grammer-school Šternberk

Other Important Webpages


Ministry of Environment  
Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the CR  
Rescue programs for plants and animals 
Czech Environmental Inspectorate   
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 
Ministry of Agriculture 
Bioinstitut, o.p.s. (public benefit organisation) 
Protection of water sources (Ministry of Environment)

Foreign web pages

Red Data List
European legislative

Useful Ecological and Statistical Software

Software for population analyses 
R – statistical and graphical software with various ecological applications 
Software for phylogenetic analyses 
Pop-Tools – Excel add-in for matrix algebra in ecology


“Helena in a box” – student journal